Vibe Star Sara


Where were you born and when did you move to Vancouver?
I was born in Tehran, Iran. I moved to Vancouver in 2010.

Since starting VIBES in June 11, 2014 you have completed over 374 Vibe Fitness & Extreme Classes, how has VIBES affected your life and what benefits have you noticed?
Mentally, VIBES has made me a happier person. I have less mood swings, especially on rainy days. Physically, I have great stamina and endurance. I can actually go for runs and feel great about it. My strength and speed has improved tremendously as well.

In June 2016 you graduated from SFU with your MBA, how did being a member of “The Extreme Team” help you cross that stage?
I don’t think I was able to go through the long study days without VIBES. It helped me release my stress and it kept me a sane person! Also, I have superior time management skill now, since I had to plan my days very precisely to be able to attend classes.

During your 2 year MBA Program you stayed consistent and NEVER late canceled, what motivated you to stay on track?
I knew if missed classes my energy level would just drop and during the program, I could not afford that. I guess I am addicted:)

How did exercising daily and living a healthy lifestyle influence your grades?

  1. I had more energy; the 30-minute class pumped extra blood to my brain, delivered the oxygen and nutrients it needed to perform better. Therefore, I could study for longer.
  2. I had less stress, so I was using my time more efficiently and it boosted my productivity.
  3. It helped me overcome my cravings, eat healthy and limited my coffee to two cups a day (very rare for an MBA student). I was one of the very few in my class who did not gain weight during the program.

Fill in the blank – A student that just exercises their mind and doesn’t make time to exercise their body is: Doomed to fail! After all, there are other muscles than just your brain.

Did your GRIT in the studio help your GRIT in the classroom? Definitely, it helped me the most during presentations.

You have NEVER once stopped or skipped a single rep, what do you think are the key ingredients to ENDURANCE? Respecting your body, it can do greater things than we usually imagine or allow it to do.

Where does power come from? I believe it’s in our mindsets.

How has your PRANA affected your training? It prevents me from quitting! If I could do it yesterday, or if I will be able to do it tomorrow, I should do it NOW.

It’s clear your class is a 30 minute moving meditation, what helps you focus so you can connect your mind to your body? The trainer’s voice helps me a lot. It pushes me to work harder and focus on the correct form.

What would you say to one of your friends that are interested in VIBING but claims,
“I don’t have time!” Cut time from your eating, watching TV, net surfing, etc. Make time for your body.

What is your favorite aspect about VIBES? It’s quick, it’s intense and it’s very effective.

Favorite Vibe Exercise and Why? I really like the planks and different variations of it such as spidermans and m ountain climbers. They activate the most muscle groups so it feels like true whole body training.

Favorite Post Vibe Fuel? Banana

Favorite Vibe Mantra: ” I use my strong mind to earn a strong body.”

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