FItness Star Melanie


Since starting VIBES in March 2015 you have done over 252 classes, how has Pure Vibe affected your life and what benefits have you noticed?

I found VIBES at a time my swimming had plateaued. Going to the gym to improve strength and endurance was something I dreaded. After my first VIBE Class I was hooked – I started to feel better, challenge myself more, have better balance, more energy and get stronger. Most importantly, I was COMPLETELY inspired by Dominica, Elgan and all the trainers who put in their time and effort to create unique classes and motivate us all to give our best!

DOSAGE = RESULTS averaging at least 1-2 x Extreme and 3 x Fitness Classes per week how has your consistency helped to improve your strength, cardio and endurance during class?

Consistency is the key. Strength, cardio and endurance are a process!

You are an avid swimmer, how has VIBES improved your power in the pool?

Although you won’t find me in the fast lane at the pool just yet, I have found that my regular swims are effortless with improved core and overall body strength.

Being an RMT you work with patients daily to help improve their mobility, posture, rehab injuries and reduce pain. Does this inspire you to keep your skeletal and muscular systems strong and has the VIBE assisted your efforts?

I see people with sedentary jobs, injuries, and posture related problems and I feel fortunate to have a profession that requires activity and fitness, and self care as vital. VIBES has helped me perform at work, and guide others looking to improve their health and fitness by having a balanced, strong body.

Would you agree that sitting is the new smoking and what advice do you share with your patients to reduce lower back pain?

Absolutely! I advise patients if they must work at a desk to have their station ergonomically sound, fitted to their body and to be mindful of biomechanics when working. In other words, we should not work at a desk too short, tall or off to the side or hunch over in our chair. Your employer can provide an ergonomic assessment and make the necessary changes. As well, drink lots of water throughout the day and this will force you to get up regularly. Prolonged and extended sitting will change the shape of your tissue!

Your job at is physically demanding, does maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle help you get through your day?

Without a doubt. As I mentioned, it’s essential! VIBES has upped my fitness overall and the weekly health and fitness tips provided at the studio resonate to help me to improve.

How has living a holistic plant based lifestyle improved your health and fitness?

At the start of the Spring Shape Up challenge I did a three day juice reboot followed up with a change in my diet from vegetarian to being plant based. I can’t tell you how it changed my palate, increased my energy and overall made me feel better. Everyday.

What have you learned about yourself since becoming a VIBER?

I’ll borrow a VIBE phrase, “I CAN and I WILL!”

What would you tell a patient or friend that is wanting to improve their strength, get fit and thinking of joining Pure Vibe?

Don’t wait for a health problem to force you to make changes to your fitness and diet. And don’t wait for an injury to “go away” – it most often will not. VIBE can help you to improve how you feel and move – it will inspire you to make daily changes to your routine and improve your overall health. Utterly priceless! Thank you VIBE Team!

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