Ruthy, Pure VIbe Biggest Transformation Winner

Congrats Biggest Transformation Winner Ruthy Navon

Why we love her: Ruthy started Vibing in July after battling a chronic illness for 18 months however from the moment I met her I knew she was destined for greatness. When setting up her class schedule she committed to Extreme Monday-Friday and was upset they were not offered on the weekend and had to settle for Fitness. This made me fall even harder for her and then learned she d rives in 7 days a week from Richmond, now that’s determination!

We are grateful to have so many Vibe Stars that continue to prove their potential is limitless. We would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication and congratulate all 106 Vibers that completed “The Summer Slim Down”! This summer has been the best quality training we have seen which makes us excited for the future as our community NEVER STOPS GETTING BETTER!

“My passion is to truly transform lives, so it’s a dream to work with Vibers that are so are so coachable, focused, driven, courageous, trust the vision and are committed to the process.” Dominica Bay

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