Top Viber Trish


Since starting VIBES in September 2015 you have completed over 132 Extreme Classes, how has been a member of The Extreme Team affected your life and what benefits have you noticed?

I learned about Pure Vibe from a long time friend of mine, Bobbi Jo Evans. She had posted a link on her Facebook page. I knew that if Bobbi Jo was going to Pure Vibe, it would be something that would appeal to me too. Both Bobbi and I have a running background and both are very competitive. I have a degree in Dietetics from U of A and even though I am not working in this field anymore, Pure Vibe reminds me how important it is to eat clean and healthy and get enough water and sleep. Working out with the Extreme Team makes the 30 minutes go fast. Actually, a 2009 study published in the journal “Biology Letters” found group workouts actually increase endorphin levels and cause less pain for those who workout together than those who train alone. The benefits: Extreme has definitely increased my endurance which helps with my Grouse Grind time and I definitely have stronger, toner, nicer looking arms.

What is the best thing about coming to VIBES?

Pure Vibe isn’t just physical it is definitely therapeutic. I love being around all of the team members ALL sweaty and pushing ourselves. We are all focused on the same goal, “being the best you can be”. The Extreme Class makes me sweat like crazy, I LOVE THAT! It is only 30 minutes and it is hard (which I like). Sweating boosts my “feel good” endorphin hormones. My husband also notices that I am in much a better mood after going to Pure Vibe.

According to your FITBIT how many calories do you consistently burn during Extreme?

1000 to 1200 in 30 mins.

What are your top 3 VIBE Exercises and why?

  1. With a running background, I LOVE mountain climbers, and all of the endurance exercises such as the burpees and the running on the machine.
  2. I love all ab exercises especially the one that you have to have your hands on your elbows behind your head and fall back. The more it burns, the better.
  3. Push Ups are actually a love/hate. I am learning to love them and so happy that they are getting easier and easier.

But my ALL time FAVORITE is low plank on our elbows. LOVE THIS!

What do you do to prepare for Extreme?

I prepare with a protein shake in the morning and try to eat clean throughout the day and of course HYDRATE.

How do you feel at the end of Extreme?

Besides feeling extremely sweaty I feel like I accomplished a hard/great workout. It makes me feel like I can conquer any obstacle.

What do you do to recover from Extreme?

LOTS OF WATER and make sure I eat a healthy dinner, thank goodness I have always LOVED all vegetables.

Why is leading a healthy and fit lifestyle so important to you?

I want to be able to workout and do pretty much the exact same type of workouts until my 80’s and 90’s.

Fill in the blank: “A day without exercise is like a day without…”

Being able to brush my teeth, shower, see my fur babies; George, Oscar, Lottie and LuLu.

What are your “Summer Slim Down Goals?”

I want to have the best abs and arms that I can get.

Favorite Vibe Manta:

When starting the Extreme Class I always say to myself “just think how great you are going to feel afterwards, it is only 30 minutes!”

What would you tell a friend that is wanting to slim down and thinking of joining Pure Vibe?

I would tell them that Pure Vibe is my favorite place to workout. I belong to 2 other gyms and I have seen more results with Extreme than any other workout. I would also tell my friend that they have to meet Dom, she is so inspiring.

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