Congrats 90 Day Check In Winner Abigail Guanzon

Yet another Vibe Star proves what is possible when you visualize your success, believe in yourself, stay positive and have the courage to push through the discomfort executing your Vibe Training and Lifestyle Program with conviction. In only 90 Days Abigail lost 16 lbs of FAT and gained 5 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE dropping her BFA by 7.8%.

“VIBES is so addictive and exciting. I seriously did not think I would lose that much fat in 90 days. I feel very grateful and motivated. Discipline is
key in a commitment like this.” Abigail Guanzon

What is the secret to becoming a VIBE STAR?

Step 1: 21 Day Challenge

Like anything in life getting started is half the battle therefore the best way to jump start your 2018 New Year = New You Goals is to VIBE for 21 consecutive days as it will help build your momentum as you develop a stronger base while speeding up your recovery, preventing injury and delivering faster results! So whether your a new viber or a veteran that has fallen off the wagon this is the first step to get yourself back on track .

Step 2: The Vibe Lifestyle

By VIBING daily you will naturally make better choices with everything you do hence you will start living The Vibe Lifestyle which is
critical to anti aging and maximizing the results of your training. Centering your day around exercise is the most powerful way you can prevent pain, disease while embracing happiness, joy and love. Those who are sick and out of shape are often very grumpy, negative and judgmental as they often “fit shame” strong minded individuals as they reflect everything they are not. So avoid these negative ions at all costs as they are very toxic and will do whatever they can to kill your spirit even if they are related to you.

Step 3. Have Tunnel Vision

1. Follow your Training and Nutrition Program and stay consistent.
2. Trust the process: ENTER, EXECUTE, EXIT.
3. Respect your trainer, never stop and give 110%!
4. Be diligent with 30 Day Check In’s to stay accountable.
5. Live The Vibe Lifestyle being mindful of every decision.
6. Practice silence so you can connect, focus, concentrate and breathe.
7. Be honest, your input = your output. BETTER NEVER STOPS!
8. Be confident and never lose sight of your goals.
9. Love yourself first so you can love other more.
10. Have the courage to tap into the power of YOU!
Vibe Mantra: You body achieves what your mind believes.

Q & A

1. Where are you from?

I was born and raised in the Philippines till I was 12 years old.

2. What enticed you to try VIBES?

My aunt visited from overseas and that was when I have realized how much weight I have gained over the years. I needed a change in my fitness and VIBES was a great fit with my hectic schedule.

3. Since you started Vibes in September 2017 you have done over 50 Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?

A lot. The past 3 years had been overwhelmingly difficult for me as I was injured in different parts of my body due to car accidents therefore I have spent a lot of time with rehab and physical therapy. VIBES has really helped me regain trust on my body again. I have started to believe that I can do things I could not even push myself to try before. Aside from the weight loss, looking awesome, and regaining confidence in myself I think the biggest benefit is having that control in my life once again. Health is wealth and I am glad to be doing something about it.

4. What are some of your favorite aspects of coming to VIBES?

I love how each session is only 20 minutes, but the work out you get is the same as if you have spent hours at the gym. Also, once you have finished VIBING that warm feeling of pushing yourself beyond your limit is so rewarding. The trainers are awesome and they recognize my potential and push me to an extent they know I am capable of.

5. You have kindly referred friends who are also thriving, what do you tell others about your VIBE Lifestyle?

I tell them that I eat healthy, watch my portions and eat what I want occasionally. Then, I go to VIBES 3-4/week consistently. It’s part of my schedule and I feel incomplete when I miss a class. The whole program helps you start your life in a whole different direction.

6. Does being a Viber make you feel like a stronger more driven women?

Yes definitely. Since starting Pure Vibe, I have been feeling more energetic, more focused, and more motivated in different aspects of my life.

7. How has Vibe Fitness helped improve your endurance, cardio, speed, strength and stamina?

I hate CARDIO. I am not a runner. As I also aged after my injuries I became even lazier hence the weight gain. My strength and speed had diminished greatly as well. I could not even lift greater than 1 pound for awhile. Pure Vibe has given me a chance to become stronger slowly and carefully. I have started to run for a few minutes at a time too during the weekend and it feels wonderful.

8. How has Vibe Flow helped improve your balance, flexibility and core strength?

I am not going to lie, using the machine made me feel dizzy the first few times however it has since dramatically improved my balance and flexibility. My core has also improved a lot. I can do postures now I thought I could never do before.

9. As an accountant you know the power of numbers, how have your 30 Day BCA Check In’s helped keep you on track and staying accountable?

You know when you do something new in your life and you are not really sure if it works or not. Well those numbers confirm if it worked for you or not. I did drastic changes in my life I did not ever think I would especially with food. The numbers keep you in line with your goals and helps you adjust where you think you need more work.

10. In only 90 days you have lost 16 lbs of FAT and gained 5 lbs of lean muscle and your BFA dropped 7.8% how exciting is it to see your stats drop in such a short time only Vibing 3-4/week?

It’s so exciting. I seriously did not think I would lose that much in 90 days. I feel very grateful and motivated. Discipline is key in a commitment like this.

11. Do you believe “health is wealth” and if so how does this shape the daily decisions you make?

Yes I even included it in the other question. My family has a long history of health issues. I control what I can and if I really have to eat something bad then I eat only a portion of it. No one is perfect, but remember not to restrict yourself so much that you indulge a lot when you lose control. “Taste everything, eat nothing.” Coco Chanel

12. As busy as you are with your family, dog and career why is it so important for you to prioritize your VIBES?

VIBE has given me a chance to start something different in my life and it’s very addicting. I live really far away (1 hour+ from the studio) and my schedule is really busy, but you will automatically make time to feel good and energize. It’s just part of who I am and my weekly schedule now.

13. What advice would you share with a new viber that is just getting started?

Do a 21 Day Challenge and adjust your eating habits. Besides sugar I would not say eliminate everything at once but switch to healthier options. Commit to the workouts, but also know your body well. Nutrition is also a key component when you want to see great results in your lifestyle. I know it’s hard believe me, but keep pushing and you will see your appetite and cravings adjust in just 30 days or less.

14. Favorite Vibe Exercise:

I love lateral leg raises as they work your core, glutes, and elongates your legs.

15. What would you say to a friend that “wants to lose weight” but claim they don’t have the time to VIBES?

Come on, even if you have a busy schedule like me and live as far away as me. You have time obviously. You won’t even notice the extra 20 minutes in your day.

16. What are your 2018 New Year = New You Goals?

I want to lose more weight and gain more muscle. I really want abs, but a flat stomach would be realistic right now.

17. Why do you want to be the best version of yourself?

It’s self-rewarding when you have reached something in your life. My boss at work has pushed me to be a different person in my professional path. Dominica and the trainers have really pushed me to take control of my physical health, wellness and fitness. I think we owe it to ourselves to be the best we can be.

18. What have your family and friends mentioned since you started Vibing?

“You look awesome, keep it up and tell me what have you been doing!” They were really surprised and proud of me. Hearing the words “whatever you are doing is working” is really satisfying. People notice and sometimes that is all the motivation you will ever need to succeed.

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