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Congrats 60 Day Check In Winner: Laura Springer

“I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling but someday someone will and hopefully sooner than we might think.” – Hilary Clinton

Vibe Mantra: The world belongs to those with the greatest hope.

“The eyes are the mirror of the mind and the moment I met Laura I knew she was a highly intelligent driven force capable of achieving anything she set her mind too. As a trainer the main characteristics I look for when taking on a new viber is focus, determination, commitment, integrity, and grace all of which Laura encompasses. It is an honor having her part of our Vibe Community as she always gives 110% of her body, mind and soul into everything she does. Due to her diligence she has already completed 53 classes in just 8 weeks since starting VIBES already exceeding her Fall Class Goal of 48 proving she is a true community leader and inspiration to all. In addition to exceeding her class goal 6 weeks early she has already meet her Fall Lifestyle, Nutrition and Fitness Goals by increasing her hydration 60%+, sleeping 8 hr+/night, eliminating sugar and all processed foods while improving her cardio, endurance and gaining overall strength earning 10 lbs of lean muscle and losing over 7% Body Fat. Laura’s smile lights up the studio and is a gift to train do to her courage, acceptance, mindfulness and optimism as she is never afraid of getting out of her comfort zone as she continues to break barriers proving her potential is limitless. During a devastating time she makes me feel more at ease about the future and confident we will be in solid hands as she is a born leader which a strong moral compass, compassionate heart and will never give up fighting for what is right.” -Dominica Bay

  1. Where are you from and when did you move to Vancouver? I am from Austria and moved to Vancouver with my family about 2.5 years ago.
  2. What attracted you to Pure Vibe Fitness Studio? As I am currently in Grade 12 and really busy with school work, Pure Vibe Workouts sounded like a perfect fit for me – the studio is really close to both my school and my home, and classes are only 20 minutes long!
  3. Since starting Sept. 14, 2016 you have already completed 53 classes, how has VIBES affected your life and what benefits have you noticed?
    Working out allows me to not think about all my work and stress for at least an hour each day. It makes taking up the work afterwards easier.
  4. How has the “90 Day Fall Program” with goal setting and 30 Day BCA Check In’s helped monitor your progress and kept you on track?
    The “90 Day Fall Program” helped me set personal goals, which I could then monitor using the BCA Check In’s. I think having specific, time limited goals that I’m working towards was, and is, really important for me and keeps me motivated.
  5. Without fail you never miss your 6-7 vibes a week and always book in advance. How does staying organized help you stay accountable while managing all your school work?
    Knowing when and how often I will work out each week helps me to organize my other work, leaving me no excuses to cancel class.
  6. How has VIBES helped your focus in the classroom and improved your grades?
    Having at least an hour a day not thinking about school work really helps me focus even better, both before and after classes.
  7. Have you noticed an improvement in your overall energy and stamina throughout your school day? Yes, definitely. Knowing that I have already accomplished something in my day motivates me to push further in other areas of my life.
  8. Why do you feel it is just as important for students to exercise their body and not just their mind?
    For me personally I have noticed how much better I can focus on my work after a break, especially if I got some exercise in at some point.
  9. What would you say to fellow students that don’t exercise because they claim they are too stressed with school and “don’t have the time”? I know how difficult it can be to find the time to work out on regular basis, as I used to be “too stressed” too. My first few weeks at Vibes were difficult, but once I got used to working out on a daily bases and once it became part of my routine it really turned into a way for me to de-stress. So, I guess just making exercising a priority on your daily schedule is really the most important part.
  10. You have however inspired 2 fellow classmates to come to VIBES, how do you help motivate each other? Simply setting classes that we’ll attend together is our motivation – canceling then just isn’t an option as we’re in it together.
  11. You are a member of the school ski team, do you feel VIBES has helped with your preseason training? For sure – I noticed my overall fitness and strength improving, which will definitely make skiing this season more fun and successful.
  12. How do you feel after your VIBE? Strong, powerful, like there is nothing I can’t do.
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