Congrats 60 Day Check In Winner Carmen Tsang!

Carmen is why I started Pure Vibe Fitness Studio and her success is what fuels my fire to protect the integrity of our community catering to results driven, mindful, intelligent vibers on a mission to becoming the best version of themselves. Carmen proves how simple it is to become a Vibe Star, get the results you want dropping 15% Body Fat and finding eternal health and happiness when you:
1. Follow your Training Program and stay consistent.
2. Trust the process: ENTER, EXECUTE, EXIT.
3. Respect your trainer, never stop and give 110%!
4. Diligent with 30 Day Check In’s to stay accountable.
5. Follow The Vibe Lifestyle being conscious.
6. Stay present to fully connect, focus & meditate.
7. Be honest, your input = your output.
8. Be confident and never lose sight of your goals.
9. Love yourself first so you can love other more.
10. Have the courage to tap into the power of YOU!
Vibe Mantra: The greatest obstacle to success is resistance.
Have faith in us, we’re excellent at what we do.

Q & A 

1. Where are you from? 
I was born in Vancouver and my parents are from Guangzhou, China.
2. What enticed you to try VIBES? 
My friend and I were looking to lose weight and she came across Vibes. We both found it interesting, so we decided to sign up for The Beginner Vibe Session and both bought
The Annual $59/month Vibe Loyalty Membership.
3. What are some of your favorite aspects about coming to VIBES? 
I love going to Vibes and seeing familiar faces who are going through the same process as me. I know that when I go to Vibes, I’ll feel better physically and mentally.
4. Does being a Viber make you feel like a stronger, more focused, powerful women?
Definitely. Going to Vibes clears my mind and makes me focus on what’s ahead. Through my results at Vibes, I’ve grown more confident that I can accomplish so much more in life if I put my mind to it. If I commit to other aspects of my life like I did with my health and physical fitness at Vibes, then I know I can accomplish so much more.
5. As a book keeper you know the power of numbers, how have your 30 Day BCA Check In’s helped keep you track and stay accountable? 
Seeing my numbers decrease has helped me keep on track. I always want to see a difference every time I check in, so I push myself to go to Vibes daily and follow The Pure Vibe Lifestyle.
6. How exciting was it to see your dramatic weight loss & Body Fat drop from 36 to 21%?
It was very exciting to see my weight shift and BFA drop down to 21%. I was very surprised that it went down that much and made all the hard work I put in worth it.
7. How has the Vibe Lifestyle such as improving hydration and eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy helped you reach your goals sooner?
Before eliminating sugar, gluten and dairy, Vibes alone was working but it definitely wasn’t as effective until I adapted The Vibe Lifestyle. After a month of being on The Vibe Lifestyle I was reaching my goals a lot faster.
8. Do you believe “health is wealth” and if so how does this shape the daily decisions you make? 
When I go out to eat lunch, I try to choose the healthier options and always drink water.
9. As busy as you are with your family and career why is it so important for you to prioritize your daily VIBE?
It’s very important for me to go to Vibes as it helps me feel better after I’ve gone and I just never feel the same until I’ve gone to a Vibes Class. It’s so addictive, Vibes helps me reduce stress and refocus my mind.
10. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy?  
After class, I feel lighter and never regret going to class. My mind is clearer and I’m tired right after class, but the next day, I’m functioning at a much higher level than on a day when I don’t go.
11. What advice would you share with a new viber that is just getting started? 
It may be hard at the beginning but it definitely gets easier. I never thought I would get past the first month at Vibes, but after a couple of months, you’re addicted to it. Don’t try to Vibe at the same level or go at the same pace as someone who’s been Vibing for years. Look in the mirror, focus on yourself and start low.
12. Favorite Vibe Exercises: Plank, push ups, mountain climbers and spiders that I would not willingly enjoy doing… as much as they are challenging, I love all of them because they make me stronger!
13. What would you say to a friend that “wants to lose weight” but claim they don’t have the time to Vibe? 
Vibes is so effective for the amount of time you spend in class. It’s only 20 minutes and if you can’t spare 20 minutes out of your day to go to Vibes, then you’re not really serious about losing weight.
14. What are your 2018 New Year = New You Goals?
To keep on Vibing and making healthier choices. I want to ensure that I don’t go back to my old lifestyle and to progress and not regress. I definitely have to focus more on being hydrated.
15. Why do you want to be the best version of yourself?
I want to be the best version of myself to be confident. If I’m confident, then I feel good about myself and I can accomplish more in life.
16. What has your family and friends said to you since you started Vibing?
All my friends and family have noticed a significant weight loss in me. And hearing them say that just empowers me to keep going to Vibes and keep following The Vibe Lifestyle. Knowing that others can see the efforts I’ve put in just wants me to keep pushing further.
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