Rebecca, Pure Vibe Star

Congrats 30 Day Check In Winner: Rebecca Spring

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings!”
~ William Arthur Ward

What sets Rebecca apart is that she practices daily gratitude:

Her water bottle is always half full.
She accepts the things she cannot change.
She let’s go of the past and focuses on the present.
She appreciates what she can do verses dwelling on what she can’t.
Her vibe is a cherished gift to her body and not regarded as a chore.
Her daily actions prove she knows HEALTH = WEALTH.
She is open minded, coachable and loves to learn new things.
She appreciates the highs and embraces the lows.
She uses her prana to connect mind to body so her classes are effortless.
She owns her stage and is 110% accountable for her life never deflecting and always accepting.

Vibe Mantra: Be grateful and doors will continue to open.

“I may not have a PHD but I know people and the most successful vibers have 10 common denominators: they live a life of gratitude, they love being around other positive “doers”, they love being pushed and know their potential is limitless, they have GRIT, when things get tough they get tougher, they are not afraid of being GREAT, they are resilient, they are confident and at peace in their heart living their purpose, they love being challenged and truly believe
better never stops!” Dominica Bay

1. Where are you from and what attracted you to Pure Vibe Fitness Studio?

I am from Mt. Pleasant, what attracted me at first to Pure Vibe was the 20 minute classes that offered the equivalent of an hour work out because it is fitting for a busy lifestyle such as mine.

2. You have tried many different fitness classes over the years such as spin, yoga, bootcamp but claim you have gotten the best results from VIBES, what do you think makes VIBES more effective and efficient?

I think vibes is so effective because it is a fast paced class, no wasting time which keeps your heart rate up burning more calories in a short time. The addition of the vibration really works out the stabilizer muscles and I can feel the total body work out. Where as spin, yoga or running on a treadmill only works specific muscles.

3. Over the past 7 months you have done over 168 Vibe Extreme, Fitness & Flow Classes. Why do you feel that the dosage is so critical to achieving results and what benefits have you noticed?

I think dosage is important because it keeps your muscles engaged and constantly getting stronger.

4. Besides overall health and fitness your main goal was “weight loss” how much weight have you lost over the past 7 months?

I have lost an amazing 38 Lbs. but it’s a lot more than the number, I feel stronger and leaner than I ever have before.

5. How has the “90 Day Program Goal Settiing” with consistent 30 Day BCA Check Ins helped monitor your progress and kept you motivated?

I feel doing the 30, 60 and 90 Day Check Ins is beneficial in a few different ways. Number one is tracking your progress and staying on track, I find I have more motivation when I see the results. Also having one on one nutrition advise is key to success. At the end of the day I feel more accountable when I am sharing my results with a fitness coach and really want to do my best.

6. How has following the “Vibe Lifestyle” and Weekly Nutrition & Slim Down Tips helped you reach your goals and benefit more from your training?

I definitely feel the difference in my workout if I stray too far from the “Vibe Lifestyle” by following the nutritional advise given I find I have more energy to get through class and notice not only weight loss but the gaining of lean muscles as well.

7. We have vibers that come 6 and even 7 days a week just like you and claim that they “want to lose weight” but haven’t gotten such dramatic result as you have because they are stubborn and refuse to follow “The Vibe Lifestyle” which is: rest 8+ hours sleep/night, daily exercise consisting of cardio & strength, hydration of 3-4+/L water daily, clean plant based nutrition, limit stress and eliminate toxins such as sugar, gluten, dairy, meat, smoking, non prescription drugs and alcohol. What advice would you share so they start to accept that what they do outside the studio is just as critical as what they do inside the studio?

I would say give full trust to you fitness coach they want what is best for you and they know what will get results. It seems challenging to stick to the recommended lifestyle but at the end of the day you will only get out what you put in.

8. Without fail you never miss your x 6 vibes a week and always book at least 2 months in advance. How does staying organized and planning ahead help you stay accountable and on track?

By planning my classes months in advance it allows me to plan around my busy schedule and ensure a spot in the classes that work best for me.

9. How does the vibe give you more strength and stamina to better cope with the demands of everyday life?

I have issues with my knee, back and hip joints, but since changing my work out to the vibe machine I have seen a drastic reduction in the levels of pain and discomfort in my joints.

10. Have you noticed an improvement in your overall mood and happiness?

I have noticed a positive boost in my mood and more energy in my day to day life since going to VIBES.

11. What are your fall goals and why?

My Fall Goal is to drop 8 lbs and have a body fat percentage of 10%, I also plan to attend 6 classes per week. This is important to me as through out my life I have always struggled to lose the last bits of stubborn fat. This time with the training support of Dominica and nutritional advice of Elgan I know I will achieve this goal.

12. What is you favorite vibe exercise? My favorite vibe exercise is dips.

13. What is your favorite vibe mantra?

My favourite vibe mantra is “You can, you will.” I like this because it applies to all aspects of my life.

14. What is you favorite aspect about coming to VIBES?

I like when I show up for class and everybody is giving 110% because it makes me push myself just that little bit extra.

15. How do you feel after your VIBE? After a vibe class I always feel accomplished and motivated.

16. What would you say to one of your friends that wants the benefits of VIBING but claims “I don’t have time!”

I would tell my friends it’s only 20 minutes, there is nothing else out there that you can work out for only 20 minutes and get the results I’ve seen.

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