Vibe Fitness 30 day winner Andrea


What do you love most at Pure Vibe and how has it impacted your health and fitness?

Pure Vibe has transformed me physically and mentally! There is no other training studio out there that can benefit you the way Pure Vibe does. I am absolutely addicted to the work outs as they are fast and quick but give you the same benefits as going to the gym for an hour. For all the busy bee’s out there this saves so much time, and more than anything for the ladies, helps with circulation decreasing cellulite. Mine is almost gone, and I’ve tried all sorts of creams and pills…this really did it for me. The toning I got just from 3 months was magical. On top of all these benefits, Elgan and Dom are absolutely amazing. They make you feel like family and really create a program suitable to all ages. I am so happy and grateful, I can’t wait for more locations to open so I can tell all my downtown friends to join! Yippie!

Prizes Andrea won!

$120 Microdermabrasion Facial: Stimulate cellular turnover while circulating blood, resulting in soft and smooth skin.

Glass Straws: We use these daily, plus they’re good for the body, good for the planet and make drinks taste better (no plastic taste) !

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