Better Never Stops! Our new Hypervibe G25 Machines

At Pure Vibe, we firmly believe “better never stops,” and our new Hypervibe G25 machines put that philosophy into practice.

“We strive for the very best in all aspects of our studio,” says Pure Vibe Founder Dominica Bay, “and wanted to provide the best possible experience and results for our vibers. So after years of research, including testing four machines in our condo for six months, we’re pleased to tell you about our new Hypervibe G25’s, the very best machines available and the most powerful on the planet.

Hypervibe and its founder Murray Seaton are also devoted to offering the very best in Whole Body Vibration. Their team includes health and fitness experts and technical professionals. “Our aim is to provide the most powerful, quality Whole Body Vibration platforms possible, whilst only making claims we can support and being honest in our marketing.”

Hypervibe’s machines are among the few machines with the right combination of power, amplitude and features needed to generate WBV effects on your body in a significant way. An important aspect to Whole Body Vibration effectiveness is G-force. Recent research shows that insufficient G-force is the number one reason for disappointing outcomes in many if not most cases.

Gravity and Health
Decades of research with astronauts clearly shows that gravity is vital for our health and wellbeing. Gravity plays a pivotal role for our muscles, bones, balance, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular system. Our modern lifestyle of increased sitting and less motion ages our bodies more quickly. NASA has compared prolonged sitting to being in a microgravity environment, like space.

NASA’s Dr. Joan Vernikos explains, “In spite of strenuous exercise in space—for several hours every day—loss in bone, muscle, and cardiovascular function happens ten times faster in space than on Earth. Exercise without gravity is not as effective.”

The good news? These negative impacts are reversible. According to Vernikos when astronauts return to the full-gravity of Earth, their health returns. And when sedentary (sitting too much) people expose themselves to full gravity, they get stronger, including the elderly.

Oxygen Uptake
One indication of greater effect from increased G-force was shown in a German study that measured oxygen uptake during Whole Body Vibration Exercise. Oxygen uptake is an accepted method for measuring calories burned during activity. The researchers compared oxygen uptake under various vibration conditions, including the addition of load via wearing weighted vests. They measured the benefits of increasing different variables, including frequency, amplitude, and g-force (gravity).

Results showed:

  • Increased oxygen uptake (calories burned) when increasing WBV frequency from 18 to 34 HZ.
  • Increased oxygen uptake (calories burned) when increasing amplitude from 2.5 to 7.5 mm.
  • Increased oxygen uptake (calories burned) when a weighted vest was worn by participants.

At Pure Vibe, we’re excited to incorporate the new Hypervibe G25 machines into our range of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) classes along with medicine balls, kettle bells and free weights. This combination gives our vibers the best of all worlds in as little as 20 minutes. Twenty minutes of HIIT is more effective than a traditional hour-long cardio workout, and safer, as less of the damaging stress hormone cortisol is released. Cortisol can be very damaging to your heart, and is one of the ways to explain why some high-performance athletes develop heart disease.

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