Why Pure Vibe Fitness

Feel better, look better and live better—in just 20 minutes!

Our uniquely-designed Whole Body Vibration Fitness Classes deliver the benefits of an hour workout in just 20 minutes! An exclusive training program, our fitness classes deliver the maximum results in less time, cater to all levels (including those with injury) and target the entire body. Pure Vibe Fitness Studio is your ultimate solution so you can get fit quick with the 20 minute HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). Vibers truly transform themselves to become leaner, firmer, stronger and healthier and the results they have achieved are life changing!

Our exceptional customer service, quality training and affordable prices is what keeps our Vibers coming back. We limit our classes to 12 to ensure each Viber gets the attention they deserve and uses the correct form and alignment so they receive maximum benefits and prevent injury.

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Finally, you have enough time to be a healthier you. You don’t have to be in great shape to get started at Pure Vibe. Our Whole Body Vibration machines allow you to start gently and progressively increase the stimulation using postures that don’t strain or harm your joints.

Unlike regular exercise, the Whole Body Vibration machine provides most of the movement for you so you get the results of intense exercise without spending as much time or effort. In our 20-30 minute classes, you’ll be led through a series of poses and exercises that will be amplified by the stimulation of the machine.

Experience the Benefits of Pure Vibe Fitness

More effective workout resulting in accelerated weight loss.
The benefits of a one hour workout in only 20 minutes.
Small class sizes lead by experienced, motivating trainers.
Control the intensity of your training with your own machine.
Become leaner, firmer, stronger and healthier.
Fun and achievable fitness classes for all ages and abilities.

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