90 Check-in Winner: Mari

LOST 10 Pounds OF FAT AND 8% Body Fat in 4 Weeks!
What makes Mari so special is her gracious outlook as she doesn’t treat her workout as a chore but as a special gift that she looks forward too daily. Her discipline and fearless ambition sets her apart as she is never afraid to push new limits making her a exceptional viber. Mari is someone we can all learn from as her focus and dedication is a true testiment as to what’s possible when you let your trainer take the wheel and truly apply yourself.
The key to her phenomenal success comes down to her coachability as she listens to her trainer fully executing every rep with precision never stopping or giving up no matter how challenging class may get. You see it’s very simple, the vibers that participate 110% get life changing results rather quickly and those that resist do not.  Showing up is not enough, if you want dramatic results you have to be all in and not stop for the entire 20 minutes keeping your heart rate elevated. In addition of course you have to follow the Vibe Lifestyle as you can’t out train a poor diet.
So for those vibers that continue to coast through class ignoring our trainers, not drinking enough water, getting enough sleep, continuing to engage in toxic habits and constantly stop only doing a fraction of the class here’s hoping Mari will inspire you to turn on the switch this Spring for the sake of your health and longevity. Use your strong mind to destroy your weak mind and break your bad habits that continue to sabotage you. Please do not take two of your greatest gifts “movement” and “health” for granted.  The truth is all in the numbers so for the 70% of vibers that continue to maintain good stats: BMI: 18 – 24, BFA UNDER 25% and Hydration 60%+ we applaud you, KEEP UP THE DILIGENCE as your future self and beloved family will thank you for being the best you can be!
Vibe Mantra: Skill can be taught, character cannot.


1. Where are you from and when did you move to Vancouver?

– I’m from Japan. I was born and raised there then lived in few different countries. Settled in Vancouver in 2012.

2. What enticed you to try VIBES?

– My friend has been a member of Pure Vibe for a couple of years. I’ve seen her quick transition. I was impressed but I wasn’t interested in losing weight so I didn’t start at that time. I’ve never connected building muscle and losing weight together before. Then I was told by her it’s good for core strength which I was hoping to have for pole dancing and pole dancing is my main interest. Around the same time I have been seeing Pure Vibe adds on Facebook often and was interested in how it works. That’s why I contacted them to book a free beginner session to see what it’s like.

3. Since you started Dec. 3, 2016 you have done over 81 Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?
– I didn’t know I attended that many classes and am proud of myself. My body is more firm. I noticed when I wore a skirt I haven’t worn for few months, it feels a lot longer and more airy now. It’s also easier to put socks on standing on one leg. I also wake up earlier for my classes.4. You came to VIBES as an avid Pole Dancer wanting to improve your core strength and drop your Body Fat and did just that achieving one of the most dramatic transformations in 8 short weeks dropping your Body Fat from 18.5% down to 12. 7% and losing 10 lbs of FAT! This is SO IMPRESSIVE as it’s 10 x harder for someone that is already living a fit healthy lifestyle to lose that last 10 lbs and takes major GRIT!  What advice would you share with someone that is struggling to lose weight just doing cardio and neglecting strength and conditioning.

– Thank you. Actually when I started pole dancing I was told by one of my friends in Japan to be careful otherwise my body would become like a bodybuilder. I think it’s impossible if my body becomes like a bodybuilder without me knowing or aiming. I think to get this kind of body, you need strong goal setting, knowing your own body and lots of hard work. I can do as much body lifting and conditioning without worrying about getting too much muscle on my body. I want to advise whoever is struggling to lose weight just doing cardio and neglecting strength and conditioning that it’s not easy to gain too much muscle. Even though you work as hard as you can it won’t happen overnight. It took 4 weeks for me to get rid of 10 lbs of fat and I worked hard with strict diet and coming to Pure Vibe 5 times a week and trying my absolute hardest for 20 minutes, on top of that I was lifting my body doing pole dancing and pole fitness more than 8 hours per week.

5. What are some of your favorite aspects of coming to VIBES?

– It’s already a part of my morning routine. Its nice to get up early to so some workout. I’m the laziest person I know and I know if I leave it for later I wouldn’t do it. Also, I’m busy with my life and I would like to quickly finish my exercise for the day so I can focus on rest of my day working and doing pole dancing. It’s also challenging if I can do what the trainer says in each class for 20 counts. They only count short period of time: usually 20 counts. I spend way more time browsing internet, think about food, and awwing cute babies and animals on internet. I think I should spend at least 20 counts of something that is good for my body. It adds up to 20 minutes and harder I work for that 20 minutes, I feel better and satisfied after the class.

6. Besides your balance, flexibility and cardio what sets you apart is your exceptional stamina as you NEVER STOP and do every rep with the proper form and depth.

– I don’t stop because I usually told not to stop by trainers. I just focus on the moment and listen to what the trainer is saying and follow. I really trust what they say and carefully listen and try to do each moves correctly. I truly believe what they say is possible and believe only when I follow perfectly I get results. However, being as the laziest person I know, very often I think I’m dying. When I think I’m dying I slow down and try to live by giving up but I realize that I’m not dying, but doing something good for my body, and don’t want to regret after the class thinking I could work harder. I try not to stop even I slow down I don’t want to stop completely. As soon as I rest my muscle releases and may feel good at that moment but I’m sure I regret after the class. Also, I know I don’t have to do it for ever. When trainer counts down, I still think I can do whatever the move for 15 more counts or 10 more counts depending on how many counts left. Counting down definitely keeps me going because when I can’t do some moves any more it’s usually less than 10 counts away from finishing that move. If any move is hard and I think I can’t do it for a long time, I know I still can for another 10 counts.

How does HIIT make you feel and why do you love going hard and fast?

– I don’t like HIIT when I’m doing it. HIIT is hard, intense, and tiring but it’s challenging and when I do absolutely my best during the class I feel better afterwards. I believe only when I do exactly what the trainer says I get the best result. It’s also satisfying when I do my best for 20 minutes for a class. I don’t want to think I could have done better on my way home. I just love the feeling of thinking I did my best on my way home.
7. Has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and if so in what ways?

– They have a machine that scan and prints out about my body fat and where my body fat and etc. Before I scanned my body, I wasn’t sure where exactly what I should aim for. Also I didn’t know how much body fat I had. I don’t even own a scale and didn’t know how heavy I was for many years. Then the machine punched out that I have 18% of body fat which I was little shocked because I was working hard doing pole dancing and I had been always active. Also on the same day Dominica told me about diet. I have never looked into my diet for building my body. (I was a vegetarian for several years but the reason I became a vegetarian was not for building my body) I’ve never connected building body and diet together. I didn’t want to go crazy about having a strict diet because I love food. Also I was looking forward to holiday season foods and sweets coming up because I started Pure Vibe on December 3rd. I also grew up eating rice every single meal. I wouldn’t want to start strict diet but as time goes by I wanted to get the best result because I word hard for each 20 minute class at Pure Vibe. I changed my diet: no sugar, no dairy, no grain, no beer, low carb, try not to eat packaged food, high protein, lots of good fat, lots of veggies, and lots of water. I gave up rice for the first time in 35 years. Dominica didn’t force anything about my diet on December 3rd but that conversation I had with her slowly changed my mind. After I saw the result by number I was hooked. For my “lovely food life”, I found “replacement”. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Additionally it affects my pole dance life too. I can tell I’m definitely stronger than before.
8.  During your Beginner Class you promised to eliminate SUGAR, how has this simple step changed your life?

– I started not to buy any sugary foods on December 3rd, 2016 such as cookies candies and donuts. When I started I had cheat days several times a week and still eating lots of sugar because it was closer to holiday season, there were lots of free sugary treats everywhere. I always had a bite to taste. I started my strict diet in January: no sugar, no dairy, no grain, no beer, low carb, try not to eat packaged food, high protein, lots of good fat, lots of veggies, and lots of water. When I just started I was always hungry and wanted to eat junk food so bad. I think my body doesn’t even miss sugar or doesn’t remember what sugar is all about now. Actually not eating rice was harder than not eating sugar but I guess I was eating sugar by eating rice.. Anyways, I also learned replacement food choice. One of the examples is that I eat quinoa instead of rice. My friends and I have been trying to think and share ideas of replacement food ideas, restaurants, and recipes too. It helps a lot to put myself into a people who support and aim same goal.

9. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy and a shift in your mood?

– It feels good to workout. It feels better when I know I did my best. Class is only 20 minutes and each move is only 20 counts. It’s not impossible to do what I was told to do. Only when I follow exactly what I’m told I get results. I also don’t like thinking that I could do better on my way home. When I think I did absolutely my best I feel so good about myself. I’m sure every 20 counts counts. I’m generally a happy and easygoing person but I’m sure doing intense exercise helps me. I love seeing people’s faces who just finished a class. They’re sweaty and may have messy hair but everyone looks happy and satisfying.

10. What advice would you share with a new viber that is just getting started?
– I’m so happy to think about what body change they will get in the near future. This is definitely the hardest 20 minutes of my day but I lost 10 lbs of fat by counting bunch of 20 counts in 20 minutes. It is the most efficient way to workout. If I (aka the laziest person) can lose 10 lbs fat in 8 weeks with my broken finger I’m sure anyone can do better.

11. Why is it so important for you to be the best version of yourself?

“Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe it. It’s very important for me to believe in myself to be the best version of myself physically and mentally.

12. Favorite Vibe Mantra: Get out of your head!

13. Favorite Vibe Exercise:
– All of abs related ones including plank. Also squats & hip lifting: I want to work on my butt.

14. Favorite Vibe Track: – I’ve never paid attention to anything else other than my form and trainer’s voice when I’m on machine

15. My Spring Shape Up Goals Are: – be healthy and keep working ?

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