5 Ways Vibration Machines Tone, Tighten and Sculpt Arms – Quickly!

How to Tone and Sculpt Arms on a Vibration Machine

Whole Body Vibration + weight training is a powerful combo to tone and sculpt arms.

People of all different shapes and sizes frequently feel insecure about their bodies. Even the fittest VIBE STARS have days where they feel lousy about their figure or weight.

If it seems like more people than ever are dieting – it’s because they are. A study from the US found that over 45 million people go on a diet every year. While diet is critical for losing weight, it’s certainly not enough for people wanting to burn fat, tone, tighten and sculpt their body.

One of the most common questions we get asked is: “How can I tone, tighten and sculpt my arms – quickly!”. With summer just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to add vibration machine training to your routine.

Vibration Machines work your muscles in a way proven to strengthen them.

5 Ways Pure Vibe Fitness Classes Help Tone, Tighten and Sculpt Arms Quickly with Whole Body Vibration

G-Force Power

When you step on a vibration machine, the movement of the plate makes your body feel heavier, creating an added challenge for your muscles to contract. This added gravitational load placed on your body during training is the main difference between Whole Body Vibration Training and other forms of resistance training. As your muscles contract and relax dozens of times per second, you start building muscle alot faster than you could doing the same exercises without the machine.

HIIT Training

If you want to blast fat and increase muscle mass, try high intensity interval training. We combine HIIT training with Whole Body Vibration to double down on the muscle building benefits. In our Vibe Fitness and Wellness Classes, we focus HALF of every class on upper body and core exercises. After you’re warmed up with a fun series of cardiovascular movements, we focus on your upper body and core. Through push-ups, planks, triceps dips, and more – you’ll leave class feeling STRONGER THAN STEEL!

Lose Weight – Not Muscle

If you’ve tried dieting in the past, you might be familiar with how hard it can be to lose fat without losing muscle mass. Many VIBERS start thinking they need more cardio to hit their weight loss goals. While cardio exercises often burn more calories, weight training helps you burn more fat and calories long after you’ve finished your workout. This is called your AFTERBURN effect. The more muscle you have the more fat and calories you burn when you’re not exercising. Weight training has been shown to be more effective than cardio at building muscle. Every time you step onto the vibration machine you get the benefits of weight training just with your own body weight.

The 20 Minute Class

That’s right. Pure Vibe Fitness and Wellness Classes are just 20-minutes long. If you’re serious about toning, tightening and sculpting your arms, combine a Vibe Fitness Class with a run to the studio, or a hike after. If you’re like our many busy VIBERS, and only have 20-minutes to put towards your fitness goal, then vibration training is the best use of your time. The more you VIBE, the more you THRIVE. Short classes make it easy to get to the studio more frequently, so that you benefit from an effective and efficient workout without a major time investment.

Reduce % of Body Fat

While it can be tricky to lose weight from one specific body area, you can reshape your body by: lowering your percentage of body fat, increasing your lean mass, and targeting the areas you want to strengthen with specific exercises. Below are our top Whole Body Vibration exercises to tone arms.

• Triceps Dips – the ideal exercise for toning arms and strengthening muscles. This exercise also gets into your shoulders. By alternating between holding this position and dipping, you’ll get a full arm and shoulder workout.

• Planks – when done with proper form, will give you a full body workout! You’ll feel this in your biceps, deltoids, traps, lats, spine, core and glutes if you’re holding it right. We dedicate time in all classes to let the G-Force from the vibration machine help you maximize the time you’re planking.

• Push-Ups – the perfect exercise to work your upper arm muscles. By going through a variety of push-ups in class (like one armed, and rotating), you’ll build slimmer and more toned arms.

Looking for more ways to slim down and sculpt your body this summer? Find our top 10 summer slim down tips – sure to keep you feeling and looking great all summer long.

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