50 has never been more FABULOUS!

In honor of our 5 year anniversary I wanted to celebrate one of our most loyal, dedicated and hard working vibers that has never wavered since day one. She is a driven force who’s solid work ethic transcends into every aspect of her life from the courtroom, to the studio to her home.

The common denominator of all successful vibers is that they make quick firm decisions so they keep moving forward and are 100% accountable for their life. They are not waiting for someone to save them as they spend their day saving themselves.

I hear many vibers toss around the word “balance” like they know what it means however it’s clear from their actions they don’t have a clue.

Balance means “EQUAL GRIT” = Karen: Winning your case and on the way out of court picking up a new client, then going directly to VIBES and being the most focused, silent, connected bad ass in the room, then onto picking up your son from soccer and having a fresh healthy dinner ready once he is out of the shower because you meal prepped on Sunday. Then helping him with his homework before you each make your lunch for the next day and he helps you do the laundry before putting him to bed.

It does not mean “SELECTIVE GRIT”: WInning your court case and late canceling your class because your going for drinks to celebrate “balance you say” and then picking up pizza on the way home thinking your the parent of the year before passing out on the couch watching Netflix with your kids while your dog pees all over the kitchen and the dishes pile up.

Now who do you think is going to live a longer, happier, more fulfilling life?

Karen turned 50 this past February and looks, lives and moves better than any 30 year old because she has mastered the art of “EQUAL GRIT”.

She inspires us all to prioritize, plan ahead and become more efficient in order to take better care of ourselves and our family.

Karen’s Stats: BMI: 19.7, BFA: 14.8%

Vibe Mantra: Strong is beautiful.

1. What enticed you to try VIBES?

I was bored with my traditional gym workout and I didn’t have enough time in my day to spend 90 minutes in the gym.

2. Since you started Vibes in October 2012 you have done over 1254 classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?

Vibing has had two main benefits for me. Despite running track and field for 10 years followed by 25 years of gym workouts three or four times per week, I was surprised that vibing made a visible difference in my whole-
body fitness level. I expected just to swap a 90-minute exercise routine for a 20-minute one, and hopefully maintain my existing level of fitness, but vibing increased the muscle tone throughout my body. Even in places I never thought needed work! And with classes being only 20 minutes long, I can now fit 5 or 6 workouts into my week, instead of 3.

3. You put in long hours as a lawyer to provide for your family however regardless of how busy you are you always fit in your daily vibe, why is that so important to you?

Exercise gives both my mind and my body a break from my work, and gives me an exercise-induced endorphin hit. I also sleep better when I exercise most days of the week, and women my age need all the help they can get with sleep.

4. Being self employed you don’t have the luxury of getting sick, how has your daily VIBE improved your health, productivity and stamina?

I have a chronic low back problem that has been a constant in my life since I was 20. After I turned 40, my back started to worsen, and it was becoming difficult for me to spend my usual 60 hours a week on the computer. The vibration of the machines loosens up my back and the fitness classes ensure that I maintain strong core muscles to help minimize back symptoms. Having the option of doing flow or open vibe classes is a blessing during periods when my back is acting up.

5. You ran track in college, does that inner athlete come out in class?

I love it when I have a great viber beside me to push me in class. I am naturally competitive, and having strong people on either side of me is like lining up at the starting line for a race!

6. You just turned 50 which is hard to believe as you are stronger, leaner, fitter, faster and more energized that most 30 year olds and your stats prove it BMI: 19.7, BFA: 14.8%. What do you think is the key to anti aging?

I continue to demand the same out of myself now as when I was 30, instead of using aging as an excuse to cut myself some slack. I believe that thinking like a 30-year-old instead of like a 50-year-old is the #1 trick to fighting aging. And keeping a sense of humour. Taking life too seriously will make you old really fast. Oh, and having a younger husband doesn’t hurt either LOL.

7. What are your favorite VIBE exercises?

I love doing lunges. We need a class called Lunge Addicts:)

8. Favorite Vibe Mantra?

You came, so you might as well conquer.

9. What does being a VIBER mean to you?

Beating the clock by getting the best workout in the least amount of time.

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