Congrats 60 Day Check Winner Lenia Almeida!

Interview Questions:

1. Where are you from, when did you move to Vancouver?

I’m from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I arrived to Vancouver in November 2013 to have better opportunities and to provide a better future for myself and family back home.

2. What enticed you to try VIBES?

Since 2012 I became passionate about exercising my body and always looking for something new and challenging. I discovered PV through my FB page and when I saw the class videos I was fascinated. I thought “this is the exact type of exercise I am looking for; short, intense, hard and challenging” and I was right.

3. Since you started Vibes in December 2016 you have done over 131 Vibe Extreme and Fitness Class, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?

Oh wow, I didn’t even realize that I did so many classes! That’s awesome. Since I started with Pure Vibe my body and my mind became stronger. I learned that I can do anything I want. I feel more confident, sleep better and I definitely feel way stronger!  Oh and last but not least, I’m in love with my ‘new’ arms =)

4. What are some of your favourite aspects about coming to VIBES?

How hard we work in such a short time. In 20 min I create as much sweat as in a 1 hour indoor cycling class for example and in the 30 min Extreme Class OH MY!!!Other aspect is the variety of exercises as I never get bored and always have new movements.

5. Has the Pure Vibe Lifestyle rubbed off on you and if so in what ways?Oh yes! It did for sure. I am more conscious about what I eat and drink. I actually started decreasing the amount of alcohol that I would drink over the weekend and now I don’t drink at all. I just don’t feel like anymore. This is only one of the many habits that I changed since I started with Pure Vibe!

6.  Why do you want to surround yourself with strong positive women?

I believe that women are stronger that most people think. I was raised by the strongest woman you could ever meet. My mother is an example of the type of woman I want to be and always showed me that the sky’s the limit and that we can do anything we set our mind to. Here at VIBES I feel that I’m surrounded by strong women and it makes me feel part of a powerful group. It’s an amazing feeling that it is hard to explain because you have to experience the Extreme to feel it!

7. Describe how you feel after class and do you notice increased energy?

I’m just a sweaty hot mess, my hair is terrible but I feel great! And by great I mean invincible. Strong, powerful and proud of myself for not stopping and keep going! After class I definitely feel energized and in a better mood.

8. What advice did you share with your friend that has just started VIBES?

Never give up. It will be hard, painful and you will feel that it is impossible, but keep doing it and at the end of the day it will pay off.  Results won’t come overnight so keep grinding and working hard.

9. How has being a member of The Extreme Team taught you to tap into your limitless power and strength?

Being a member of The Extreme Team taught me that I can do more. That I can be more! Dom is an amazing trainer and pushes you beyond your limit.  This is exactly what was missing during my other workouts. Someone who pushes me so hard that I just want to sit and cry. Someone who knows my name and connects to me as an individual and not just another member of Pure Vibe. When I think that I’m done, that I have nothing else to give, that I have no power at all, Dom comes and shows me that I can do more.

10. Do you feel The Extreme Team has made you mentally stronger and improved your endurance?

It definitely has made me mentally stronger! “I can and I will” this thought is always in my mind.  I started at Pure Vibe doing the Extreme Class right away and I can tell how much my endurance has improved. On my first few classes I couldn’t even do 10 push ups and now my arms are stronger and the number of repetitions has increased and I can go deeper and faster.

11. What have you learned about yourself since joining The Extreme Team?

That my mind has complete power over my body and I have to work on that.

12. Do you believe in the Pure Vibe Lifestyle and if so has it improved your life?

Yes I believe in the Pure Vibe Lifestyle and in my case the improvements are multiple. Now I drink 4 L+ of water, keep a clean diet and exercise daily. Actually it’s quite interesting how my body complains when I take a ‘day off’. If I eat something that is not on my diet I just feel terribly sick. If I don’t exercise I feel tired. My new lifestyle has improved my energy levels, quality of my sleep as well as my confidence.

13. Why is it so important to be the best version of yourself?

Because I am accountable for me. I cannot be sick or lazy. I have to do my best to get the best results possible.

14. What is your favorite exercise?

I really like burpees because I feel that I’m working many muscles in my body at the same time.

15. Favorite Vibe Mantras? 1. You can and you will. 2. Focus and concentrate.

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