Shelly Vibe Fitness Star


Where you were born and when did you moved to Vancouver?

I was born in Hungary then moved to Israel when I was 6. I moved to Vancouver 11 years ago as I wanted my kids to grow up in a safe and happy place.

You arrived with nothing and are now the owner and operator of Star Shine Daycare which you have ran for the past 7 years, how has exercising daily and living a healthy lifestyle influenced your success?

Mind/body are one to me. One can’t work/exist without the other.

As an expert in early childhood education why do you feel it’s so important to lead by example and ensure exercise and a nutritious meal plan is implemented into your daily programing?

Children are lead by example. Like an “empty jar” we as adults are responsible of what’s going to be in it. Educating and moulding them is a big responsibility for them and our community.

Have you seen children motivate their parents to make better choices at home due to their children’s improved behavior and happiness at Daycare?

Absolutely a child feels safe and confident when they have a consistent support system. By teaching them that e ach decision leads to a consequence they learn to make better decisions and listen to their intuition.

Running a full time business 12+ hours/day and raising x 5 children (YES 5) ages 8 – 17 you have NEVER missed your daily VIBE and have NEVER late canceled. Why do you think some parents (NOT ALL:) use their children as a crutch to lead an inactive lifestyle and what advice would you share to help them get started?

Some are afraid of change and sometimes it’s a matter of confidence. But from my own experience it’s a matter of priorities. My kids know that due to my stressful job I need a release and I find it @ VIBES as “I am a Vibe Junkie.”

What would you say to one of your parents that is interested in VIBING but claims “I don’t have time!”

Just make the decision to start, do you want to be a grandparent?

Since starting VIBES in January 9, 2016 you have completed over 146 Vibe Fitness Classes, how has VIBES affected your life and what benefits have you noticed?

I am much stronger in general and my running and cycling have improved tremendously as vibing has increased my speed, stamina and endurance. The seasonal programs and goal setting is a major motivator to keep me on track as I am able to see how much I’ve improved with our 30 Day BCA Check Ins.

What is your favorite aspect about coming to VIBES?

I love releasing stress through high intensity exercises and respond best to trainers who push me to ensure I work harder each class as that’s how I improve.

Fill in the blank – A day without exercise is like a day without: AIR

Favorite Vibe Mantra: “The fitter you are, the healthier you are, the happier you will be!”

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