3-Ways Self-Love Improves Diet

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s a great time to provide yourself with love. When you take the time to care for yourself through rest, relaxation, physical movement and living a life that brings you joy it creates positive vibes that magnify everything you do. 

“When you’re quiet and connected your body whispers to you and you learn to listen to it’s cues to satisfy your needs.” 

Dominica Bay, Founder of Pure Vibe and Vibe Life

By prioritizing your self-love lifestyle, your body and mind get primed to pick up more healthy habits. Research from the book, The Power of Habit, found that people who habitually exercised (even as little as one time per week) started creating positive changes in other unrelated areas of their life.

Exercising is referred to as a “Key Stone Habit” because it triggers other patterns. Research shows that people exercising regularly tend to be more productive at work, less stressed and more easily able to create and stick to new healthy habits. If exercising and VIBING weren’t already key-stone habits in your self love tool kit, prioritize your daily sweat to enjoy the positive effects of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.

Healthy eating is impacted in 3 key areas by a boost in self love!

  1. You start eating the right foods. Your body is always communicating with you. It’s up to you to listen, and close the feedback loop with healthy, healing foods. Think about a time when you were really relaxed and took the time to lovingly choose a meal to eat that nourished your body? Compare that feeling to when you are stressed and pulling into a drive-through for an immediate hit of sugar. By calming your nervous system with relaxing self love techniques, you create the space to slow down, listen to your heart, and prepare the food it really needs.
  • You eat slower, and fewer calories. When you have the time set aside to simply eat and be present with your food, you naturally eat less. Multitasking – like eating while on your computer or watching Netflix – and hurried or distracted eating can cause you to eat more. Studies show that paying attention to the meal you’re eating was linked to eating less later on. Slow down, savor and enjoy your food.
  • You enjoy meal planning and prep. Meal prep feels lighter, and more attainable when you approach it from a feeling of self love. You start to see each dish you prepare as an act of meditation. Junk food and alcohol lose their appeal when you start providing yourself the soul-nourishment that these toxins destroy.

You create positive vibes into your life, and the whole world every time you choose a loving action. While taking the time to create a self love routine that fuels and nourishes you may seem daunting, know that every small action has extraordinary ripple effects. Your self love is never wasted.

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