Top Viber: Mandy

Top Viber: Mandy

1. What first attracted you to Pure Vibe Fitness Studio?

What first attracted me to Pure Vibe is that it is a full body, high intensity workout and its only 20 or 30 minutes!

2. Since you started Vibes in Sept. 2014 you have done over 416 Vibe Fitness & Extreme Classes, how has VIBES changed your life and what benefits have you noticed?

Once I noticed the changes in my physical appearance it completely changed my outlook towards health and fitness. I started to see the strength I was gaining and my body become more toned it made me want even more. I knew the workouts alone were not going to get me where i wanted to be so i started to make other changes to my diet and lifestyle and now my l’m a completely new healthy person.

3. Vibes has been the first fitness program that you have stuck to, why do you think that is?

I think this is the first fitness program i have stuck to because of how much I enjoy the workouts, the physical benefits I started to notice right away and of course the fact that it was only 20 minutes. I was working a very stressful job when I first joined Pure Vibe and I put in long hours at the office, registering for the vibe classes forced me to stay committed to my fitness goals and MAKE THE TIME to do the 20 minute class I signed up for before going home to relax. If i simply had a membership to a gym i wouldn’t use it. It is too easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym after work either because you had a long day or you’re tired. When you register for a vibe class you are committing yourself to do it no matter how you feel after work.

4. You have kindly referred friends who are also thriving, what do you tell others when asked about your badass addiction?

A lot of people ask me ‘what do you do to stay fit?’ and I tell all of those people about Pure Vibe, what the classes are all about, just how much I enjoy it and how it has changed my body. I know a number of people i mentioned it to (both friends and strangers) have looked into the Pure Vibe program because of me. I know i have inspired friends and for all i know i may have inspired strangers too.

5. What does being a member of The Extreme Team mean to you and how has VIBES helped shape the strong, confident and fearless women you are today?

I love being a member of the Extreme Team because when you surround yourself with strong, hard working people it pushes you to be stronger. Unfortunately when you find yourself working out surrounded by people who don’t try very hard, it brings a negative energy to the room so I know I don’t have to worry about that in the extreme classes.

6. From the moment the gun fires you are always ready to “GO, GO, GO” hard and fast taking HIIT to a whole new level, what lights your fire?

You do Dom!!! I’m actually being serious. Before i started training with you i did not give it my all even though i probably convinced myself at the time that it was the best i could do. I probably gave 70% to 80% in many of my classes, I don’t think i ever gave 100% before i started training with you. You lit my fire and made me want to be better. I worked so hard so that i could impress you and not disappoint you and i have carried that determination with me to all of my other classes now. I hate to admit this but i never used to break a sweat in my regular fitness classes but now i am dripping with sweat because I am pushing myself as hard as i possibly can.

7. Describe how you feel during the final minute of class when you are holding a low plank @ 35 hz and have just done 400 lunges, 400 squats, 200 DIPs, 200 Pushups, 200 Spider Variations, 400 mountain climbers?

During the last minute of class i usually feel proud that I did it. I made it through this super high intensity 30 minute class and i kicked ass doing it!

8. As the Extreme Team Silver Medal Winner you stand along side Gold Medal Winner Bobbi Jo Evans and Bronze Medal Winner Priya Yegmatuau as one of the top 3 fittest, strongest, fastest and most powerful vibers in the studio, how does it feel to train alongside these women and be such a strong leader in our community?

Bobbi is a machine! I am always impressed by the way she works her butt off. She often surpasses me in class which is why i like it when i am beside her so i can push myself that much more. I think we all have had a day when we come to class feeling a little bit off somehow, maybe we are tired or sick, so the energy in the extreme class really helps to get you through and work really hard even when your body and/or mind doesn’t necessarily want to that day.

9. What would you say to the Mandy that walked into the studio 26 months ago and what advice would you share with new vibers that are just getting started?

You are about to change your body and your life!

10. Why is it so important to you to stay healthy, strong and fit and are the sacrifices worth it?

It’s not only about looking good, it’s also about feeling good and giving your body what it needs to live a better and longer life.

11. Favorite Vibe Mantra:

Mind over matter!

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