A happy young mother is laying on the bed with her three young children two wild boys and a newborn baby girl as their pet dog sits by.

20 Minutes for YOU, a perfect gift for Mother’s Day!


Being a mother is learning About strengths you didn’t know you had, And dealing with fears You didn’t know existed.

~ Linda Wooten

Mother’s Day, our annual homage to mothers is the day we celebrate moms for their unconditional love and support, their creativity and ingenuity, their strength and endurance. While we marvel at how they do it all, successful moms know that in order to give to others, they must first give to themselves, including the gifts of time, self-care, health, and fitness.

In other words, VIBES is the perfect fit for Moms!

Vibe Mantra: When you fill your cup first you can fill other’s more.

Flight attendants give us the perfect analogy. In their pre-flight safety announcements, they show us how to apply oxygen masks if needed during the flight, with instructions to “put on your own mask first” before assisting children. Why? Because a parent without oxygen can’t provide any care to their children. Healthy mothers are reflected in healthy, happy children!

Strength and endurance are cornerstones to motherhood as well as fitness, and at Pure Vibe Fitness Studio we match those up beautifully!

Vibe Mantra: Strength comes from your soul, endurance comes from experience.

Mothers don’t waste time! Our classes provide cardio, strength and endurance training in just 20 minutes which is perfect for time-crunched, busy moms! Pure Vibe Fitness Classes combine High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Whole Body Vibration (WBV), our “secret sauce” for the best results with time efficiency. Our online booking system and app makes your next class a time saving click away!

Mothers are thrifty! Our small class sizes provide the benefits of a personal trainer, with ample support in meeting your health and fitness goals as low as $59/month.

Mothers are practical! Our Beginner Vibe Class allows us to assess your fitness level, injuries, medical history and health goals. Our full range of low to high intensity classes from Wellness, Flow, Barre, Fitness, and Extreme let you set the pace and progress at a practical speed.

Sign up for your Beginner Vibe Class today and start enjoying the life enhancing benefits of Whole Body Vibration at Pure Vibe Fitness Studio. https://www.purevibe.ca


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