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1 x Month Unlimited: $59
(1 x class/day) *First time clients only.


Monthly Unlimited Autopay: $89
1 x Month Unlimited: $119
4 x Months Unlimited: $399 ($99/month)
1 x Year Unlimited: $899 ($75/month)
(1 x Class/session per day)

Pure Vibe Flex Pass

*Valid for 4 months.

1 x Class $15
5 x Classes $59
10 x Classes $99
25 x Classes $199
40 x Classes $299

*10% off for BC Students, Seniors & Disability with valid ID.

Note: Due to the high quality commercial machines and professional training 20 minutes is the maximum per session as anymore would result in over training and counteract the benefits making you prone to injury.

20 MINUTES = 600 Calories

Pure Vibe Benefits all ages and abilities whether you suffer from back pain, are recovering from an injury or your an athlete wanting an edge. Just 3-4 sessions/week is guaranteed to accelerate your fitness goals and deliver results. Be sure to visit us today and start to feel better, look better & live better!

Whole Body Vibration Small Group Classes

Work your entire body in just 20 MINUTES = 600 CALORIES!

Class Schedule:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday *Thursday Friday Saturday
7:30am Fitness Fitness
9:00am Fitness
9:30am Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness
10:00am Wellness Wellness Wellness Wellness Wellness Wellness
10:30am Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness
11:00am *Intro Class *Intro Class *Intro Class *Intro Class
12:00pm Fitness Fitness Fitness Extreme
4:30pm Fitness Extreme Fitness Extreme Fitness
5:00pm Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness
5:30pm Flow Fitness Flow Fitness Fitness
6:00pm Fitness Flow Fitness Flow
6:30pm Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness Fitness
7:00pm *Intro Class *Intro Class

*Introduction class (1st time Viber's only).

*Vibe Wellness Class (Vibe/Yoga/Stretch/Massage).

Note: Please arrive 5 minutes before class so you are ready to start on time.

The minimum for each class is 6 people and the maximum is 12, this will guarantee you get the attention you deserve to ensure you train correctly, receive all the benefits and get maximum results in an efficient time!
Note: As classes fill up quickly please book your classes in advance to ensure you get your preferred times.

How do I book classes?

1. Call the studio P 604.734.5516
2. Book Online
3. Email Studio
4. Visit iTunes store to download our Pure Vibe App to book classes from anyway.

*Note: Email is checked regularly outside of studio hours, voicemail is not.

Personal Training Packages

1 x Session - $59
6 x Sessions - $299 (Reg. $349)
12 x Sessions -$499 (Reg. $710
24 x Sessions - $899 (Reg. $1420)

You love Pure Vibe & WBV but want more?

We've got you covered with our Personal Training Program where we customize your training needs to meet your specific goals from increased workout load (weight baring exercises) to wellness exercises designed to relieve joint pain or tight muscles. This program is ideal for Vibers who want to maximize results while having their specific needs meet.

This program is specifically designed for the following VIBERS:

1. Vibers that want to go at a slower pace and address their specific needs on their schedule.

2. Vibers with injuries or chronic illnesses that need modifications and special attention.

3. EXTREME Vibers who want to take their training to the next level and learn insider tips to amplify results and get maximum benefits!

Note: Must commit to @ least x 6 consecutive sessions on the same day and at the same time each week.