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At Pure Vibe Whole Body Vibration we specialize in Whole Body Vibration Fitness and are passionate about the health & wellness benefits that you receive. We are dedicated to helping you reach your goals and providing you with a lifestyle that will keep you active and ensure your path to longevity. Our mantra is to always make you "Feel better, Look better and Live better" with whatever we do! Our experienced team is made up of fitness trainers and health and wellness experts who will guide you through the correct technique, alignment and postures while ensuring you receive all the benefits. At Pure Vibe we are here to support you every step of the way and help you get back to doing what you love while enhancing the activities that you enjoy!

Pursuing The Pure Vibe Dream

A message from the creator and owner Dominica Bay:

After travelling the world for 10 years working onboard cruise ships and visiting over 100 countries 2 factors became apparently clear, do not take your health and time for granted. When you are working a high stress job 80 + hours a week the only way to survive is to keep fit and healthy as moving is the #1 way to combat stress and disease. No matter how exhausted I was after pulling a 15-hour day in 4-inchstilettoes I always dragged myself up to the gym even if it was 10 or 11pm at night. It was my secret weapon and the one variable I could always rely on to stay healthy, focused and energized.

The most rewarding aspect about my job was that I was able to meet 4500 new guests from around the globe every week. I found this experience truly inspiring as I witnessed energetic and happy men & women in their 40, 50, 60 & 70's remain highly active and as a result looking years younger! It was these guests that inspired me to keep fit and fueled my passion of helping others "feel better, look better and live better" and gave me the vision to create Pure Vibe. As I strongly believe everyone should move daily the #1 excuse I always hear is time, therefore I wanted to offer a product that delivered maximum results in a limited amount of time and was achievable for all ages and abilities. It was then that I discover the amazing fitness and health benefits of Whole Body Vibration and that you could actually receive a 1-hour workout in just 10 minutes! As someone that understandsmore than most what it is like to be spread thin with work and family life this was something that I knew would be amazing for everyone.

So after 10 years @ sea it was finally time to turn my dream into a reality and that is why I moved to the world's leader in fitness, health and preventative medicine, Palm Desert, California. In the Desert I had the cutting edge experts and resources at my fingertips. I was able to enrich my fitness and health training with the most current trends and hit all the major fitness and health expos in the surrounding area from Vegas to Scottsdale to Anaheim & beyond. I was on a mission to learn all I could and research the best quality and highest performing Whole Body Vibration Machines to offer my clients. After trying all 41 machines on the market I finally discoveredHypervibe and knew it was "the one" as is outperformed any other machine in its class and delivered maximum results. Hypervibe were one of the few companies that have scientific research to back up their claims supported by the most experienced, passionate and knowledgeable team. Although I had been training with WBV for quite awhile and happy with the results I couldn't believe the difference when I started to train on Hypervibe. Not only did I feel way stronger and energized but I started to notice a huge improvement in my daily yoga practice and my running.

I was able to get way deeper into my postures and finally able to complete a series of 1/2 Marathons which I never thought was possible. In addition I noticed an abundance of health benefits such as; increase circulation & bone density, better regularity and sleep, weight loss, and it decreased my recovery time and helped prevent injuries. I knew that having the right machine and using the correct technique and alignment made all the difference and allowed me to reach my goals! Therefore more excited and confident than ever it was time to move home to the city that loves to move to offer the most advanced fitness & health product on the market, which delivers amazing benefits and results in just 10 minutes!

It starts with a willingness to try and an open mind to change but when you do no matter what your age or ability I promise you will see results and never look back. Helping others is an honor that I look forward to daily and when you visit Pure Vibe I guarantee that you will always "Feel Better, Look Better and Live Better!"

To your health and warmest regards,

Dominica Bay

Owner/Creator of Pure Vibe
Whole Body Vibration Trainer
Health & Wellness Consultant
IACT Certified Colon Therapist

"I run and practice daily yoga but I could feel that I needed to increase my strength but didn't have time to spend over an hour at the gym and that is when I discovered Pure Vibe. What I love is how convenient it is to zip in for a 10-minute session before or after my yoga class or run. I have not only gotten stronger but I have increased my endurance and speed when I run and my practice has become so much more rewarding as I am able to get deeper into my postures due to my increased in flexibility. Pure Vibe was the missing link that now allows me to excel and get the results I want!"

Lucy Age: 32

"As a working mother of 3, time is of the essence. What I love about Pure Vibe is that I get the results of an hour work out in just 10 minutes! Pure Vibe respect my busy schedule and are right there to ensure I get the most out of my workout and see results! I have become fitter, stronger, more energized and Pure Vibe allows me to put myself back on the list."

Sue Age: 44

"Pure Vibe has helped me loose over 26 lbs. and is the rock that keeps me on track. I have struggled with my weight my whole life and never felt comfortable in a gym. At Pure Vibe the trainers are right there to help you in an encouraging and supportive environment and that is what keeps me coming back! Right away I started to noticed changes and feel leaner, stronger and more energized than ever!"

Chris Age: 52

"There is no way I could have finished my first triathlon without Pure Vibe. It warmed me up before I trained, increased my strength and endurance and was the key element to my post recovery, which has allowed me to stay injury free, thank you Pure Vibe!"

Mark Age: 58

"I love spending time with my grandchildren but as they got older I started to develop osteoporosis. I was in a lot of pain and worried about having a fall so I started visiting Pure Vibe. Not only have I gained bone density but also I have developed strength, balance and flexibility. I can now get back to doing what I love and I have never felt better!"

Shirley Age: 68